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Sales Representative



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Rebecca McGarvey
Sales representative


Hello, I am Rebecca McGarvey. I am the founder of the The Real Estate Connexion.  


Connecting you to all your real estate needs. Let me tell you what I bring to your real estate experience;
I am a very energetic, personable, reliable and knowledgeable person. I am passionate about people and people give me my drive and passion.


I want to connect people to the right needs what ever that may be, if you are a buyer, seller or investor.   I have a team of professionals that I use personally and trust.  Including home inspectors, mortgage specialist, contractors, trade people and many more.  Using these trusted connections, I know the job is being done right for what ever your need is.  If you want to building new, invest or if you are buying your first house.  I can guide you through the whole process and take out all the worry and anxieties that some times goes along with it.  I like to create an experience to remember.


I pride myself in my continuing education - it allows me to help you better.  I have a long line of credentials to show for it.   One of my certifications is MCNE (Master Certified Negotiation Expert).  With all of that extra training, working with me takes the experience to the next level and assists me to protect your needs when need be.

I have an office Kiosk at the Walmart at the corner of Taunton and Harmony Rd.  I am there to be with the people that inspire my passion and let them interact with me on a daily basis. 

                                                                                                         Hopefully I will see you there.